Caitlin Kanizaj


Kimberley Homes

Need Help Selling your Current Home?


As an expert in New Home Sales with Kimberley Homes since 2013, Caitlin Kanizaj has transferred her skills into her new position as a Realtor with Maxwell Progressive Realty and Kimberley Homes’ exclusive REALTOR® Partner. As a part of our continued commitment to provide you with support and service throughout the entire home build process, if you have a home to sell, Caitlin is here to help.


When you work with Kimberley Homes’ REALTOR® Partner, you will receive 50% off the listing fee of your current home. We want the transition into your new Kimberley home to be as smooth as possible and Caitlin will work with our office to time the listing and sale of your current home. The Kimberley homebuilding experience is made easy at each step of your new home journey.

Questions? Ask Caitlin. 780 238 1296