WHY CHOOSE "Build Where You Want"

While we are proud to build in many sought after new communities, we know that each homeowner has a specific list of needs for their new home. And that often affects where they can build their home. The benefit of Kimberley’s “Build Where You Want” program is in expanding your options for your community selection. If we can get our team out there to properly supervise the construction of your new home, we will build there. Build Where You Want gives you the flexibility and expanded options you are looking for.

  • HOME SITE FLEXIBILITY - size, width, length, pie or reverse pie shape, direction
  • AMENITIES - walkout, pond backing, green space, acreage, community schools, mature trees
  • HOME TYPE - garage suite, basement or main floor legal suite, duplex or townhouse, detached garage, infill, bungalow
Kimberley Homes - The Diary of an Acreage Build
Modern Farmhouse Exterior


Whether you are looking at a new community, an acreage outside the city, a vacation home at Pigeon Lake or an infill downtown, we can help! From the first step of finding the right property with the help of our Realtor Partner, our expert team ready to help you with home design, and our in-house drafting experts, our 30 years of experience will make your home journey easy, wherever you want to be.

Explore these other resources or call us anytime with your questions about how “Build Where You Want” might work best for your family.

Kimberley Makes it Easy

With all of these choices for community, lot type, lot amenities, home type, etc. finding the right home site can quickly become overwhelming. With over 30 years’ experience, Kimberley can help you narrow down your choices, and find the site that works best for your needs. And make it an easy and enjoyable experience for you and your family. You deserve a home where you can build lasting memories, in a location that checks all the boxes. And we have the Experts that can make that dream a reality.

When you’re ready to take the next step, we are here for you.

Reach out to our New Home Concierge any time of day for fast answers to your questions.

Schedule a VIP appointment with our mobile Build Where You Want Specialist.

Get expert advice from our Realtor Partner.

All it takes is one call, text, or email.


Do you need more inspiration? Are you still looking for a home site? Explore these resources or get in touch for fast answers!

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Where do you Want to live?

Whether you are looking to build your next custom home or vacation home out of town Kimberley homes can make your transition and home building experience a seamless one. Learn more about the cities that Kimberley Homes serves.