Kimberley Moms: Part Two

May 11, 2017

Kimberley Moms: Part Two

Welcome to Part Two of our “Meet the Kimberley Moms” series. Today we are going to introduce you to our Office Moms!

Bev Hawkins is Kimberley’s Senior Accountant. She has two grown-up kids, Dane & Shyla, and a few grandkids too! Bev & I don’t often get the opportunity to chat, so I am really looking forward to the next 10 minutes!

Also in our accounting department, Michelle Garner is our Assistant Bookkeeper. Her daughter Ashley is away in Portland right now for school, and another daughter, Desiree, is our Salisbury Village Sales Associate! Michelle also has two step-kids, Joy & Jake.

Jill Genyn is our Vice President – Home Buying Experience, has a 3-year-old daughter named Jemma, and is expecting another little gem in August! Until she takes off on her maternity leave, we keep her busy mentoring and supporting the Sales & Marketing Teams, managing our spec program, and ultimately making sure each Kimberley Homeowner has a building experience that is second to none.

If you are a Kimberley Homeowner, Kim Powell is the Office Mom you are most likely to know and love! As our Client Concierge, she works tirelessly with our clients to keep them informed throughout their build, makes sure their dream home gets built, and ensures all the Ts are crossed and Is dotted on every piece of paper that crosses her desk! She lives on a farm just outside of town with her two boys, Jordan (14) and Cameron (10).

If you ever visit the Kimberley Head Office you will have the pleasure of meeting Margaret Vernick in person! Marg is our Receptionist, as well as the main office support for our Homeowner Service Team. She makes sure the office runs smoothly, that we always have all the paper and post-it notes we need, and that the Boardroom never gets double booked! She has one daughter, Vanessa.

And finally, Lisa Kercher is our Home Buying Administrator, and just celebrated her 4th anniversary with Kimberley. She writes these blog posts, designs many of our marketing campaigns, supports the Sales and Executive Teams, among many (many) other things! No one can keep track of all the tasks Lisa has on her plate! She has an eleven-year-old son named Lucas.


Thanks so much for sitting down with me today! You have already read Part One, my interview with the Sales Moms, so you (hopefully) know what’s coming. We’ll start with something easy. What is your Favourite Thing about being a Mom?

BH: Everything now that they’re adults!

MG: Having two best friends.

LK: Having an awesome little buddy to go on adventures with!

MV: Watching Vanessa grow up and out of the difficult adolescent period to become a responsible adult pursuing her own dreams.

KP: The best part is seeing them grow and learn. It is such a joy to see the people they are becoming, and I am so proud of them both!

JG: Easy? That’s impossible! I have to pick just one thing that’s my favourite?

Okay Jill! You can pick three things…

JG: That’s better! All of the fun adventures we have, being able to create moments of magic for her on special days and big holidays, and seeing her grow. Her imagination is out of this world, and she makes me so proud to be her Mom.

What is something you struggle with as a Mom?

BH: Letting my kids make mistakes without getting involved.

MG: I worry about them all the time.

JG: Mom guilt. It’s the worst.

MV: Having only one child, the urge to protect and hover is extremely tempting. My biggest struggle was making sure I didn’t become a “helicopter” parent…in fact I was warned by my daughter to never let that happen!

KP: The biggest struggle has been finding the balance between home and work!

LK: Balance. Whether that’s between teaching him what he needs to know, or doing those things for him, or when to say no to screen time and make him go outside, or how much structure he needs versus how much I should just let him figure things out on his own. I’m getting tired just thinking about it!

What is the best “Mom Advice” you have ever received?

MG: Be consistent.

JG: You can do anything, but you can’t do everything.

KP: They grow up so fast so you better embrace the craziness! The laundry and housework will wait for you, but those boys will be grown and on to new adventures in the blink of an eye. This is turning out to be so true!

MV: Incorporate your children into your life, not the other way around.

LK: When I was getting divorced, my Mom said “well, you and your sister turned out okay” and that was really reassuring. Just what I needed to hear at the time. I mean, I’m not sure if she’s 100% correct…(laughing)

Is there any piece of advice you would give to other Moms, advice that you maybe wished someone had given to you?

BH: Don’t let being a mother completely define who you are. Take some time for yourself and continue to do the things you love to do! All too soon they’ll be gone and you’ll be left wondering NOW WHAT???

LK: Don’t get stuck on worrying about your kids growing up and getting older, because every age is the “best age”.

JG: Be so careful whose opinions you let into your head.

What are you most looking forward to this year, thanks to your kids?

BH: A week of camping with my grandchildren!

MG: Just spending time with them.

LK: My son is starting Junior High in the fall, so I am looking forward to this new phase for him and for us!

JG: More quality time with Jemma. With my maternity leave starting in August, I am so excited to spend the time with Jemma at home.

KP: Well, Jordan is working on getting his learner’s permit, so very soon I can look forward to being the passenger instead of the chauffeur!

MV: As my daughter is now entering the last year of her Master’s Degree, I am looking forward to seeing her graduate and move towards her dream of getting her PhD.

Tell me in three words how you think your kids would describe you.

BH: Loving, fun, creative.

MG: Loving, caring, fun.

LK: Snuggly, adventurous, dorky.

JG: Silly, fun, and if she knew the word she would call me a “s-mother”…a Mother who Smothers!

MV: Her greatest cheerleader.

Well, thanks again for sitting down together, and chatting about being a Mom! I’ve got one final question, but it’s a fun one! Who is your favourite TV Mom or celebrity Mom?

BH: “Peggy Bundy” from Married with Children.

MG: Goldie Hawn.

LK: “Marge Simpson” from the Simpsons.

KP: It’s a tie between “Frankie Heck” from The Middle, and “Marie” from Everybody Loves Raymond.


Thanks for joining us, and getting to know a little more about our Kimberley Moms!