Kimberley Moms: Part One

May 8, 2017

Kimberley Moms: Part One

With Mother’s Day just under a week away, we thought we’d introduce you to some of our Kimberley Moms, and put a face to the names on our website. First up, I sat down with our Sales Team, to learn more about their lives as Moms, get some advice, and find out their favourite celebrity Moms!

Amanda Aranas is our ONE at Keswick New Home Expert, she’s been with Kimberley for about 6 months, and she has two kids. Ava is 15 and headed into high school this year, and Luke is 12.

Kimberly Nykiforuk is our Salisbury Village (Sherwood Park) New Home Expert. She has been with Kimberley Homes in a few different roles over the years. She started as a Sales Associate, and was our Online Sales Counselor for about a year before she went on maternity leave with her middle son Wyatt who just turned one. Oldest is Noah (3), and Kimberly is about to head off on another maternity leave with Baby #3!

I think Amie Brown has been with our sales team the longest – about 5 years – and is currently our Keswick on the River New Home Expert. Her little Helena just turned 4.

Our newest team member, Valerie Downing, is currently selling out the Gallery at Larch Park and has a daughter named Jaryn. (She’s an adult, so we won’t list her age here like we do for the littles!)

Shaughan Whalen joined Kimberley Homes two years ago as a Sales Associate for her daughter Caitlin. She is our Keswick Villas New Home Expert, and recently became a Grandma! In addition to Caitlin she has three step-sons, Jason, Geoff & Grant.

And last but not least, Quinn Flynn, our Jensen Lakes (St. Albert) New Home Expert. She has been with Kimberley for a couple of years, and she is expecting her first child in August!


Alright Ladies, let’s get down to the “getting to know you” part! First things first, what is your Favourite Thing about being a Mom?

AA: Sharing new experiences with my kids, and watching them develop as people.

AB: I agree with Amanda. Watching my daughter become her own person is my favourite.

KN: Watching their little personalities grow and the overwhelming love I never thought I could have for another human being! Sorry hubby (laughing).

SW: Now that everyone is grown up and moved out, my favourite thing is getting together as a family.

VD: My favorite thing is seeing Jaryn thriving and enjoying life with her family, friends and career.  And, especially seeing her now so totally in love with her new puppy!


And Quinn, what are you most looking forward to?

QF: Having the relationship with our child that we have with my parents now…(laughing)…I know I’ll have to wait 2o years!”


What is something you struggle with as a Mom?

AA: Letting them make mistakes.

KN: Prioritizing myself and fitting in “me” time. My little boys take up all of my time and with a little one on the way, I find I push my personal needs aside constantly. The life of a mom right?!

AB: Balance.

QF: Well, I’m not looking forward to the little to no sleep!

SW: I have always been a working mom, and I still feel like I missed out by being away so much.

VD: I struggle when I see Jaryn struggle with some things that come with growing up. I have to control my tendencies to fix those things for her rather than let her learn for herself.

What is the best “Mom Advice” you have ever received?

AA: Enjoy every second because it goes soooo quickly!

KN: Don’t be too hard on yourself. You’re going to have days that you feel like you are failing as a Mom but know that every Mom has those moments and it is part of what makes you a GREAT Mom.

SW: Trust your instincts.

AB: Go with your gut! We’re all just doing the best we can.

VD: Eat your vegetables!

With the breadth of experience sitting in front of me, I know I am going to get a good answer for this one! Is there any piece of advice you would give to other Moms, advice that you maybe wished someone had given to you?

AA: Stay connected with your kids, especially as they enter teenage-hood.

KN: Prepare yourself for age 3 – threenagers are no joke!

SW: Relax and enjoy! Especially when they are young because they grow up so quickly.

AB: It’s necessary to take time for yourself.

VD: Eat your Dessert! (laughing)

What are you most looking forward to this year, thanks to your kids?

AA: A family vacation.

KN: I am looking forward to witnessing all of their milestones and being so proud to be their Mom! Birth of baby 3, Wyatt starts walking, and Noah will start pre-school.

QF: Meeting our baby! And figuring out who they look like!

AB: Going to Disney World later this month!

SW: My grand daughter, my new grand puppy, and celebrating Christmas. We missed it last year waiting for Monroe to arrive!

VD: I look forward to all our visits, and talks, and trips together. Jaryn is very creative and lots of fun to be with.

Tell me in three words how you think your kids would describe you.

AA: Enthusiastic, mushy, happy

KN: Smothering, loving, a “Princess” according to Noah!

QF: Intelligent, fair, and loving

AB: Loving, strong, bossy

SW: Loving, kind, compassionate.

VD: Persistent, workaholic, “crazy dog person”


And finally, who is your favourite TV Mom or celebrity Mom?

AA: “Claire” from Modern Family.

KN: Beyoncé. Because who doesn’t love Queen B?

SW: “Samantha” on Bewitched.

AB: Hands down, Gwenyth Paltrow.

VD: I don’t have a favourite, but I think Cher would have been a wacky, cool mom!


This post was written by Lisa Kercher, our Home Buying Administrator…who is also a Mom! You’ll meet Lisa and the rest of our Office Moms in “Kimberley Homes Moms: Part Two” when you check back here in three days!