Kimberley Homes & Crave Interiors

Nov 17, 2017

Kimberley Homes & Crave Interiors

Kimberley Homes and Crave Interiors founder Lita Lee are back with another post focusing on her beautiful Kimberley Home!


Lita’s story with Kimberley Homes started about four years ago. She met with Amie, our Keswick on the River New Home Expert – who was building a new home in Keswick at the time – and was confident that Kimberley was the builder for her and her family. Together with her partner, she purchased a Kimberley “spec home” already under construction. The floorplan worked for their family – they have two young boys and two adult children – and Lita knew she could make some small changes to help this home fit their style as well. Ever since then, she has been putting her mark on this Sapphire floorplan, with colour, DIYs, and her trademark bohemian style.

Lita is amazing at curating interesting vignettes throughout her home, and today we wanted to highlight a few of them!

Essentially, a vignette is a small grouping of items that shares a story about you and your home. Any flat surface is a great place to try your hand at creating a vignette: a dresser, coffee table, bookshelf, or window ledge. A vignette offers you the opportunity to share your passions in a unique way, and has the added benefit of making a room look more pulled together. We really love the vignettes Lita creates in the corners of her home…there is no wrong place to start!

Use accessories you already have on hand like vases, knick knacks, candles, books. A great way to add a little life and colour to any space is through houseplants, and Lita has so many unique and exotic looking ones!

Choose items that support the style of your room, or the theme of the space. If you have a romantic living room, maybe this isn’t the place for your astronaut memorabilia! But it’s definitely the place for a small gilded frame, or a beautiful vase of roses.

Colour is important and easy to add to your vignette! Try a small houseplant or bouquet of flowers in a bright vase. Keep to the shades of colour that are already in the space, or add one or two complimentary colours.

Vary the texture and height of the objects you choose. Mix tall and short items together, and use shiny items next to rough or soft. Natural items are excellent for adding unique texture and shapes. Think driftwood, rusted iron, or a few favourites from your rock collection.

We have put together a Pinterest board with some of our favouite vignette ideas from Lita and our Edmonton Showhomes. Click here for some more design inspiration!

We’ll be back with Lita next month to talk about her amazing bathroom transformation! In the meantime, you can find more from Lita and Crave Interiors on Instagram.



Interior Photos by Trevor Boller

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