Information for Homeowners After They Take Possession

Oct 17, 2017

Information for Homeowners After They Take Possession

So, you’ve taken possession of your new home…now what happens?!

Your relationship and responsibilities with your builder are clear during the construction process: you make the selections that go into your home, and we build it! But many homeowners have a lot of questions regarding what happens once they move in. The days around possession are filled with busy excitement as they receive their keys, start moving their furniture in, and arrange for appliance install and utilities hook up. Oftentimes a concern about the operation of a system in their home, or a question about something their superintendent mentioned at the walkthrough slips their mind until a few weeks down the road.


The Team at Kimberley is just as focused on your construction experience as your after construction experience, and we have people dedicated to answering your questions and addressing any concerns you have after you move in.


Here is a little rundown of what you can expect on possession day and beyond!


During your walkthrough on possession day, you and your Construction Superintendent create a list of deficiencies and note them on your Certificate of Possession. We use this list to schedule the appropriate trades to come back to your home and take care of the work all at once. You will receive an email from us showing the scheduled date of your “Trade Day” and as of September 2017, your Superintendent will leave a bright red postcard with you on possession day, showing the date of your Trade Day, and what to expect.


If you notice anything in between your possession day, and your scheduled Trade Day please email our Homeowner Service Team. They can best update the day’s schedule, advise trades, and ensure that your Construction Superintendent gets all the information he needs to ensure your Trade Day runs smoothly.


We know that you probably got to know your Construction Superintendent very well during the course of your home’s construction, and why wouldn’t you? We’ve got some great guys out there leading our construction teams! However, we need all after possession requests to come through our Homeowner Service Team instead of the Superintendent. We are committed to responding to all Service Requests within ONE business day.

Within One Year of Possession

If there is a problem of significant importance that arises before the first year has elapsed, please:

  • Send an email to
  • Provide as much detail as possible about the issue you are experiencing in your home
  • Include photos of the area, system, or issue if possible. This helps us quickly identify the problem, and schedule our Homeowner Service Team or the appropriate trade partner.

As during the construction process, all requests and communication must be made in writing to ensure all details are captured and that a paper trail can be generated for your file, so we ask that you please do not call our office to make a verbal request for service.


After One Year of Possession

Happy Anniversary! We complete the majority of your service requests after you have lived in your home for ONE YEAR. This is in order to allow the components, materials, and systems in your home to adjust to more regular conditions and ensure they are operating properly under those conditions. You can complete and email us your Service Request form just prior to your one year Anniversary in your home.

What do I need to include on the Service Request Form?

  • Your possession date
  • Your current contact information
  • A list of items to be repaired; please be as specific as possible
  • Photos of the area, system, or issue if possible.


In Case of Emergency

If there is ever an emergency with any system in your home, one business day is too long to wait! Immediately get in touch with the appropriate Contractor as listed on your Certificate of Possession and our website (click here).

If you do ever require emergency service, please email at your convenience, detailing the nature of the incident so we can add it to your file. Any urgent matters will be addressed promptly by our Homeowner Service Team as needed.


It’s in the Details

When we say we want details, we mean we want them ALL! The more details you give us about the concern you have, the faster we can identify the problem, schedule our Homeowner Service Team or the appropriate trade partner, and get it addressed promptly!


Think about answering these questions when you submit a Service Request:

  • When did the problem start?
  • Is the problem ongoing or intermittent?
  • Where in your home the issue is happening? What room? What area?
  • Is it an appliance or system that isn’t working at all or isn’t working properly?
  • Are there multiple instances of the same concern? (paint or drywall, faucets, light fixtures, etc.)


And if words fail you, there are always photos! We welcome any photos you can email us that show other details of your concern.


Contact Us

If you have a service request, warranty question, or need to report a deficiency after possession, please contact the Homeowner Service Team directly at

If you have a general or sales-related question please fill out a contact form on our website here.