Dec 21, 2019


Your mission matters. We care about what has changed in your life that has you thinking about moving. And we recognize that sometimes you don’t have the benefit of 8-12 months to wait for your new home.

Here are the TOP 6 Reasons to buy a Quick Possession Home!

1. It’s Ready When You Are

Sometime life happens when we least expect it. A baby on the way, a job transfer, a quick sale on your current home. A Quick Possession home can provide you with some freedom to move whenever you need to.


2. Kimberley Homes Makes it Easy

Many of our homeowners who have chosen a Move-in Ready home did so because they didn’t want the “hassle” of choosing all the colours, finishes, fixtures, appliances, and details that go into building a new home. “Quick Possession” means all interior and exterior selections have already been made for you by our expert team.


You can also take advantage of our Move-in Concierge service when you buy a Kimberley Homes Quick Possession Home. Your dedicated Concierge is dedicated to making your possession day stress free, and can help you with all of the moving parts that come with moving into a new home.


3. Full Warranty

A huge benefit to buying a Quick Possession home is that it comes with the same full warranty as a home you built from the ground up. Kimberley gives you peace of mind with the following protection:

  • 1 year Workmanship & Materials
  • 2 year Distribution & Delivery Systems
  • 5+2 year Building Envelope
  • 10 year Major Structural Components


We hope you’ll never need to use the home warranty, as our Quick Possessions are built to the same high standards as our presales. Our Homeowner Service Team is also on-hand to provide knowledgeable after-possession care.


4. The Price is the Price

Adding upgrades and options to a new home can add up, but with a Quick Possession home you don’t have to worry. Knowing up front how much your new home will cost gives you peace of mind. And the fact that at Kimberley Homes “our first price is our best price” gives you added confidence in your purchase.


5. See It “IRL” Before You Buy

Most of our Quick Possession homes are 80-100% completed. This gives you the unique opportunity to tour the exact home you want to purchase.


For those people who want to add some personal touches to their new home, there is often still time to make changes to interior finishes. Even with the added timeline to accommodate your customizations, you’ll be in your new home a lot faster than if you were starting from scratch.


We love this part…please ask us about options to personalize and customize your new home!


6. Maximize Your Investment

We design our Quick Possessions home with the market in mind. Working directly with our Realtor Partner, we choose the most popular layout and finishes to ensure broad appeal and maximum resale value. This gives you peace of mind today and in the future when life circumstances change and you have to move again.


Did we mention that we also offer a listing discount when you work with our realtor Partner? Call or text Lauren for more information.


Depending on how quickly you need to move, a Kimberley Quick Possession Home might be just what your family needs.

For a list of our current Quick Possession & Move-in Ready homes available across Edmonton, Sherwood Part and St. Albert, click here.


Our New Home Experts are available throughout the Christmas season. Please give us a call – or text – and we’ll book an appointment that fits your schedule. (Even if it’s in between the turkey and the pie!)