Luca’s Bedroom Makeover

Jan 5, 2022

Luca’s Bedroom Makeover

Welcome to Luca’s Room

Amidst the planning of Kimberley Homes’ 12th consecutive Cash and Cars Lottery Home, one of Kimberley’s team members and her family were hit with the scariest news a parent can receive. If you visit previous blog posts, you can read about Luca’s story and his diagnosis of Leukemia in February 2021.

The Alberta Cancer Foundation lottery program was quick to support our decision to dedicate our 2021 home to Luca and to share his story with his family’s blessing. We knew we wanted one of the bedrooms in the home to have all of Luca’s favourite things and used his love of superheroes, specifically spiderman, as inspiration for the design. Jamie Banfield Design, already in collaboration with Kimberley Homes on the 2021 Cash and Cars house, switched gears to bring this special 3-year old’s dream bedroom to life.

Cash and Cars 2021 – Luca’s Room

This superhero bedroom complete with a comic-inspired mural and a hint of Edmonton Oilers, brought such joy to the team we knew we couldn’t stop at just one room.

With the design elements already in place for the Cash and Cars Lottery home, plans were put in motion to duplicate the superhero room in Luca’s actual home, giving him a spidey-themed bedroom makeover. We approached Kimberley staff, trade partners, suppliers, and developers hoping to receive donations (financial and time), and were overwhelmed with the support we received.




It is with hearts full of gratitude that we thank our Kimberley team members and the partners listed below who made financial contributions towards Luca’s actual bedroom makeover:

Jamie Banfield Design

Park Lighting

Ashely Fine Floors


Qualico Communities

SS Decking Ltd

Trail Appliances

Boddez Construction

Sorrell Financial

Andrea’s Painting

SER Painting

DK Designs

Merle Prosofsky Architectural Photography

Luca’s Bedroom Makeover – After

Luca’s Bedroom Makeover – After