Homeowner Orientation Meeting

Nov 4, 2019

Homeowner Orientation Meeting

This article was originally posted on our Prince Charles Skinny Homes blog.


Pre-Construction Orientation is the exciting time when all the planning starts to meet reality! It marks the transition period between sales and construction. Annie joined me at our head office in SW Edmonton and I was able to introduce her to two very important Experts on the Kimberley Team. Ryan is our VP of Construction and Kim is our Client Concierge. Kim becomes Annie’s main point of contact within Kimberley for the duration of the build. We shared coffee and cookies, and chatted about the next steps.



It’s very important for us to review all home details with the Clients at their Homeowner Orientation. At this time we confirm – in person – all of the small details that must be documented. Ryan reviewed Annie’s blueprints, plot plan, and stages of construction with her. Knowing how the build process will proceed from here made Annie feel very comfortable about the next 8 months. Weather conditions and other factors can influence timelines, but we will keep Annie informed of any changes to the schedule as we build her homes.


As Annie has already selected a colour board to complement her homes, Kim reviewed those selections with her. Choosing a colour board means that Annie meets with fewer suppliers, saving her a lot of time. Kim gave her all the information she will need to successfully select items that aren’t covered in the colour board. This includes areas like lighting and the cabinetry layout.


At this meeting we give our clients a selections schedule. This prepares them ahead of time for important milestones like electrical rough-ins, and can have the required selections completed in advance.


Speaking of schedules, Ryan also reviewed the walk-through schedule with Annie. Each of our clients receives at least two milestone walk-throughs with their Site Superintendent. These happen at important milestones, and allow our Clients to continue customizing their home as wanted. For example, making sure your light switches and plugs are in the right spots during the electrical walk-through. Or adding a special finishing detail to your pantry. Our team documents all of these changes and adds them to the file. And if you have questions during your walk-through our expert trade partners can help, or even make suggestions. Because being a great homebuilder is our job not yours.


Annie left the meeting feeling exciting and energized. The planning is done and we’re ready to build!



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