Closing the Chapter on our historic 10 year run at the Awards of Excellence

May 6, 2019

Closing the Chapter on our historic 10 year run at the Awards of Excellence

On March 16th 2019 Kimberley Homes was recognized as Edmonton’s 2018 Builder of the Year at the Canadian Homebuilder’s Association (CHBA) Awards of Excellence in Housing. This marks a historic run that saw Kimberley Homes win Builder of the Year 7 times in 10 years, in addition to over 40 other individual awards for our custom homes and multi-family developments in the same time period.


I have always believed that when we surround ourselves with great people, great things can happen. When you walk into our head office, our showhomes, and on to our job sites it’s immediately apparent that our Team is the key to our success. The alignment and commitment of every team member, contractor, and trade partner to our common goal of creating Homebuilding Experiences that are second to none is vital to all that we have achieved over the years, and we have profound appreciation for this dedication. This gratitude extends to CHBA and our industry as a whole for their continuing affirmation that we are the industry leader in homebuilding and in client experience. Most importantly our appreciation for the well over 1000 individuals and families who have purchased a Kimberley Home over the years.


In celebration of our 30th anniversary and tremendous successes over the past decade, we have paused to reflect on what is most important to our Team and our organization moving forward. In doing so, it is immediately apparent that Client Experience is our strategic differentiator, what matters most to us, and this is where our focus must be. In light of this we have made the conscious decision to step back from Awards of Excellence in Housing, and our pursuit of winning Builder of the Year moving forward. We should all have immense pride in this decision, as we have achieved all there is to achieve at the awards. Conscious instead, our focus and attention will be on our commitment to our clients’ journeys. As a strong team of dedicated individuals is integral to this goal, our work on enhancing the knowledge and abilities of our Team members continues and will allow them to better serve the people who matter most: our clients.


We are excited for what lies ahead for Kimberley Homes, for our place in the future of homebuilding in Edmonton (and beyond), and the pursuit of creating Home Building Experiences that are second to none for our future clients.


Steve Ruggiero, President & CEO