Build On Your Lot – Infill Homes

Jun 9, 2017

Build On Your Lot – Infill Homes

The 8th reason to “Build With Kimberley” from this blog post reads as follows: “We are continually striving to partner with the top developers to ensure that you have your pick of the best lots in the city. And if a new neighbourhood doesn’t suit your lifestyle, we are also experts at Infill and Acreage construction and would be more than happy to work with you to design a home to “Build on Your Lot”.


We are very proud of our “Build on Your Lot” program, especially considering the City of Edmonton’s recent commitments to their Infill Program, and people’s increased need for more options when building a new home. Edmonton is growing and evolving, and infill is a major component of a successful future for our city and its citizens.

Two-storey modern home with grey stucco and warm wood details, with the caption "infill is a major component of a successful future for our city and its citizens."

The Infill process presents its own set of challenges – and rewards – that are unique compared to building in a new neighbourhood. The first and most obvious item is the house that is currently sitting where you want your new home to be! Even though it is a different process, our commitment is still to provide home building experiences that are second to none. For this reason, our Infill Experts are ready to walk you through every step of the process, from permitting and demolition, to design and interior selections.


How do I know if infill is right for me?

Let’s look to current Kimberley homeowners and why they chose an infill home over a new neighbourhood.

  • Peter & June* chose a home site in Crestwood because they want to raise their family in the same area that Peter grew up in, in a more developed and central neighbourhood close to work.
  • A home that we are currently building next to Mill Creek Ravine is on the site of the client’s family home, the house that he grew up in! Kevin* loves the neighbourhood, and wants to make more memories there as an adult, but the original home needed significant upgrades, so they decided to start fresh.
  • Zhen & Ni* have a young child and are planning a large family, so they wanted to be close to an established elementary school and park. They found a beautiful lot that backs on to a school and greenspace, but the existing home did not include the amenities they want and need for their growing family.

As you can see, there are many different reasons why our homeowners chose to build an Infill home. If you aren’t sure if Infill is right for your family, our New Home Experts are happy to sit down with you and evaluate all of your options. If you already have a neighbourhood or a home site in mind, please let us know so we can incorporate that information into our “Made For You” solution for your family.

Upstairs hallway of a custom home, hardwood flooring, glass panel stair railing, small home office, all with bright white walls

What is my first step?

Again, this depends on a number of factors but first and foremost to consider is your home site.

  • If you have not yet found or purchased a lot to build on, this is the best place to start, as this will determine the budget for your new home, the floorplan you select or create, and a timeline for construction.
  • If you aren’t yet working with a Realtor, we can introduce you to one who is experienced with infill construction in mature neighbourhoods.

Our Infill homeowners usually come to us with a plan or basic home design wish list, but if all you have is a “dream neighbourhood” we are more than happy and prepared to help you.

Main floor of a custom home shows the living room in the foreground with light yellow sofa, and two armchairs with a zebra pattern. In the background there is an L-shaped kitchen with white cabinets and an island. To the left is a dining room with yellow accent wall, and to the right is the open-riser scissor staircase.

How do the costs compare to building a new home in a new neighbourhood?

While land in new neighbourhoods is usually less expensive than purchasing a home site in a mature neighbourhood, and there isn’t the cost of demolition to include, you must also take into consideration the non-monetary value of that land.

  • Are there schools or daycares nearby for your kids?
  • If walkability is important to you, does that new home meet those needs?

New neighbourhoods also come with unique expenses, such as Architectural Controls, Homeowner Association Fees, a Landscaping Deposit and other landscaping expenses, etc. Ultimately, we are committed to making sure you get a home that suits your needs within your budget, whatever that might be.


Do I have to choose one of your floorplans, or can I build something more customized?

The majority of our standard floorplans are designed to be built with a front attached garage, and while they are a great resource for inspiration, we recommend a custom plan for your infill home. As every lot is unique, and comes with different benefits and challenges, we help you design a home that addresses these factors along with permitting considerations, neighbourhood requirements, and concerns or desires you have about the site. We would be happy to create plans based on a napkin sketch or a more formal design, or use plans you have previously commissioned from an architect.

Master bedroom is mostly grey with some light yellow accent details including bed skirt, pillows, and large stripes painted on feature wall behind the bed with light grey bedding and upholstered head board. Two white armchairs are in the foreground. The main wall is filled with windows and there are bare trees seen outside.

Edmonton’s City Council is currently discussing changes to the Mature Overlay Plan. We are closely watching this process, and are confident in what we’ve seen so far that the changes will be to the benefit of all homeowners! For whatever reason you have chosen to build an infill home in a mature neighbourhood, we hope you choose Kimberley Homes to build it!

Find a “Step By Step” Guide to our Custom Infill building process here. And if you are ready to speak with our Infill Expert, please click here and submit a contact form. Lauren will be in touch with you right away!


*Names have been changed for privacy reasons