Budget & Financing

Build Where You Want

Many factors can determine the final cost of your home: your floor plan, interior and exterior features, and more. Our unique pricing system allows us to accurately price your home based on the following:

  • Foundation
  • Square footage on each floor
  • Square footage over the garage
  • Roof square footage
  • Window specifics
  • Cabinets
  • Garage size
  • And many more details of your home!

Rather than working from an “average per square foot”, we can provide specific pricing to the home you are designing. This helps to avoid surprises later on, and the accuracy allows you to be confident that we aren’t “rounding up” a per-square-foot price. Our Infill Specialist is here to sit down with you and discuss your ideas and budget for your new home.


If you choose to finance the construction of your new home, you will need to secure mortgage approval. We work with a variety of types of financing, and our preferred lenders are familiar with our process. We are able to “package” your lot and home together under one umbrella for your financing, making the lending process seamless. Talk to our Build Where You Want Specialists to get in touch with one of our lenders and get the ball rolling.