Blue Beauty in Rapperswill

Aug 19, 2019

Blue Beauty in Rapperswill

A quality home you are proud to own in a community of your choice.

Today we’re checking in with Amanda, our Build Where You Want Specialist, about an exciting custom home we recently completed in North Edmonton.


These clients – a young couple with plans to start a family – came to us looking to build in a very specific community in North Edmonton. There were a few lots that were available to the public, and we worked directly with the developer to make sure Jack & Kate* got the home site that worked best for their needs and fit their vision of their future home.


Jack & Kate had a lot of great ideas. They knew just what they wanted their dream home to look like. But they needing help putting it all together. Enter our in-house design and drafting team. I love working directly with Blair & Braydee in our office. Our expertise in different areas balanced so well with the passion of these clients. During the planning stage we all worked together to capture their “must-haves”.


Once we have everything on paper, I make sure that my clients can envision themselves living in their each space. Thanks to all of the questions I ask, and relationship-building I do early on in the process, we very rarely miss. But if anything doesn’t fit for my clients, we go back to drafting until we get it right.


Working with the unique shape of their lot was a very important consideration. There was a great opportunity to maximize street presence and we took advantage of it. The resulting curb appeal is stunning.


These clients had a very specific vision for their home. So we got them set up right away with our Client Concierge Kim in order to make their custom selections. Alongside our dedicated Interior Designer, they visit all of the suppliers for their home. During these visits, they are able to pick out lighting, cabinets, tile, flooring, counters, and more! Having Experts on their side makes this an easy task, and they left each visit confident in their selections.



Some of my clients are surprised when I call them 6 months in to their build to say hi! They think that once I “hand off” their care to our Administration and Construction Team I’m no longer involved. But I stay in touch with all of the Kimberley Experts involved in building your home. That way I can give you detailed updates throughout and keep the excitement going! Ian, our Site Manager, met with Jack & Kate on their home site several times. This gave them an opportunity to see how things were moving along. And it also allows for finishing decisions to be made more efficiently, saving them time and money down the road.



When Possession day arrived, Jack and Kate excitedly toured the house with Ian and I and saw all their ideas come to light! They were so excited to show all their friends and family their totally custom home and start their lives using all these amazing spaces!

-Amanda Aranas, Build Where You Want Specialist


If you have questions about our “Build Where You Want” program, including learning more about building an infill or an acreage home, please get in touch! Call or text Lauren at 780-809-4329.