10 Basement Remodeling Ideas

Feb 3, 2020

10 Basement Remodeling Ideas

Gone are the days of a dark wood-paneled basement bar. Or “rumpus room” with wall-to-wall shag carpeting. The modern Kimberley Homeowner takes full advantage of their basement space. Many choose to include a home gym, a games area, income suite, or luxurious wet bar. But the list of potential additions is endless!

To start, check out these 10 Finished Basement ideas from the Kimberley Vault!

Theatre Room

Family movie night will never be the same! This basement theatre room includes raised seating, surround sound, projector & screen, and a popcorn machine.

Dinner and Drinks

Why head out for dinner and drinks when you can invite your friends home? Specially designed wall-to-wall cabinets. Glassware storage for any size or style. A luxe chandelier and mirror. Elevate your dinner parties in this luxurious private space.

Pool Hall Chic

Bring back a timeless classic. Relive the days playing pool in your parent’s basement with a dedicated space of your own. Attention to detail includes cabinets for storage, and a built-in bar for refreshments after the game.

The Modern “Rumpus Room”

Including a more casual gathering space is at the top of most “basement wish lists”, but that doesn’t mean it has to be predictable! Consider adding one – or all – of the following!

  • a fireplace for cozy winter nights
  • a small bar area for easy access to drinks and snacks
  • a home office for working on your side hustle
  • a dedicated kids zone to keep all of your little visitors entertained!


Well-Appointed Home Gym

Why leave home to work out when you can build exactly what you want in your basement? We work with our homeowners to install mirrored walls, AV capabilities, and durable rubber floors. Finish it off with a glass wall and you’ll be canceling your gym membership!

Fun & Games

Everyone will want to hang out in your basement thanks to this fun addition of a ping pong table! Complement your games room with a place to cheer on your favourite player or grab a cold one in between sets.

Gather at Your Basement Bar

Next to the kitchen, the basement bar is where people most love to gather. With a variety of cabinet layouts to choose from, you can ensure you have everything you need at hand. Store all of your glassware, snackware, and snacks! Make the most of this space by adding a mini fridge and dishwasher. Or create a real “sports bar” feel with a few televisions and raised seating section.

Wine Cave

Hidden behind a nondescript door at the end of a hallway, you’ll find this intriguing wine cave. Perfect for storing bottles of your favourite vintage plus all of your glassware, this unique space is a destination in itself!

Rock Star Treatment

For the musician in the family, a music room is a must-have. We help you with the practical considerations such as sound-proofing. And the fun ones, like raised platforms for impromptu performances! Artfully placed niches allow for display of favourite instruments or collector’s items.

Income Suite

Create an investment property right under your own roof! Income suites are a clever way to make the most of your square footage. Kimberley Homes makes it easy and helps you with the entire process, including permitting, adding a second furnace (and other utilities), and separate entrance to prepare for the development.

If you are a current Kimberley Homeowner, we would love to help you develop your basement. It’s never too late to finish off your space. Using your original Kimberley floorplan, we work with you to design a basement that works with your family’s current lifestyle. We make it easy!

To get started, fill out the form here. We’ll book you an appointment with our New Home Expert Amanda Aranas to explore all of your basement options!